Teams for Swan Competition 2018 - 19

Team 1 - S Hamilton with ANO, E McMorris, G Tough.

Team 2 - C Thomson with S Halliday, I Potter, C Maclean.

Team 3 - D Sillito with M Barnes, G Steele, F Ellis.

Team 4 - B Corbett with A Marshall, A Brown, A Smith.

Team 5 - G Barnes with S Pollok, K Fish, C Perry/ANO.

Team 6 - A Kerr with S Malloy, R Griffiths, S Daye.

Team 7 - F Corbett with J Finlay, G Forsyth, R Logan.

Subs - J Couper, B Evans, G Nicholl, G Russell.

Teams for Terregles Competition 2018 - 19

Team 1- S Halliday with J Finlay, J Couper, I MacDonald (tbc).

Team 2 - A Marshall with R Griffiths, B Evans, C Thomson.

Team 3 - G Steele with G Nicholl, G Tough, G Barnes.

Team 4 - S Pollok with I Potter, S Bannerman, B Corbett.

Team 5 - S Malloy with M Barnes, A Smith, A Kerr.

Subs - A Brown, S Daye, F Ellis, G Forsyth, C Perry (1st half of season only), G Russell, D Sillito