A great turnout for or Annual Points competition saw David Sillito take first prize with Fergus Corbett 2nd and Craig Thomson 3rd. All played in great humour with an excellent meal to follow. The bus to and from Greenacres was a smart move (some thought) and asking for trouble (most thought!).

The annual dinner and prize giving took place on Friday 15th April at Whitecraigs Golf Club.

President Fergus started off the proceedings in the traditional manner by donning the "Presidential Bunnet", thus ensuring normal order was restored for another 12 months.

Runners and riders below...

Big winners on the night were the team of Graham Barnes who took the Swan Medal with a commanding win, and Gordon Nicholl's Terregles Trophy winning team who triumphed in a one sided final.

Special mention to Bruce Clarkson who followed up his 'Points' win in Giffnock's own Lochhead Quaich competition with a big win in the Province 'points' where his score of 43 put him out of sight of the competition.

Second 'special' mention goes to relative newcomer Stewart Daye who, as well as winning the 'Pairs' with Alastair Kerr, was also awarded the 'Most Improved Player' trophy.

Losers on the night, other than the 'wooden spooners' in the Swan Medal led by John Finlay, included our own Secretary Alan Smith. Settling down on Saturday night to enjoy a wee dram from his fine raffle prize of a bottle of 12 year old Glenfiddich, Alan was sad (understatement) to find the bottle was two thirds empty! The horrified prize giver later revealed himself and promised swift compensation for poor Alan.

The raffle on the evening was organised by incoming President Ron Griffiths who chased up the attendees with excellent humour. It raised £800 for our chosen charities - a most impressive sum.

And a final "well done" to President Fergus Corbett for chairing the evening in such fine style.


1-Cathcart Castle Bonspiel Overall winners - Giffnock CCOur secretary Alan Smith writes:

"I am pleased to be able to advise that the honour of Giffnock CC was upheld last night in the club's season-ending game when the team of “oldies” Corbett senior, Kerr, Halliday and yours truly won the overall Cathcart Castle CC Invitation Bonspiel with (as it was announced last night) a “runaway” score of +6!!

The prize will go down nicely with a good steak. Maybe there is life with a “stick” after all!"

No more needs to be said!

Terregles Trophy Final
Sadly, this wasn't the showpiece final we all expected. Nicholl's hot-shots took an early lead and were 6-0 ahead after 2 ends.
They never looked like losing as, whenever Kerr's team set up a half decent position, the opposition stormed back to retain the initiative.
History, i.e. your intrepid reporter, doesn't record the final score but suffice to say it was a very good win for Nicholl with some solace for Kerr in that it wasn't a whitewash!
Thanks to the crowd for turning out - Sandy Halliday and Alan E. Smith.
Winning Team: Nicholl, Bannerman, MacDonald and B.Corbett
Runners-Up: Kerr, Potter, Evans and Malloy
Special mention to Ian Potter who drove up from Manchester to take part in the final, then drove back down again!
Semi Finals
It will be Kerr v Nicholl in the final of the Terregles after a stonking win for Nicholl against Marshall but a fair old battle for Kerr v M Barnes which went to the wire ...
Kerr was never in front with teams trading 1 point at each end to leave it 3-3 going into the 7th and final end:
1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3
Barnes, with the hammer, had a difficult final shot to dislodge Kerr's leading stone but didn't manage, giving Kerr a 4-3 win. We could say we were 'swept' into the final, but that would be to denigrate the fantastic team effort!
Final on Wed 16th March @ 6pm  - Nicholl v Kerr.
A large crowd is expected!

A fabulous evening of pairs got off to a slow start due to torrential rain and traffic. So much so that Alastair Kerr had to step in in place of Gordon Nicholl. This turned out to be a master stroke as Alastair and Stewart Daye made it all the way to the final where they faced an on form Clarke Perry and Ross Pollitt.

IMG_1708In the preceding rounds the crowds were able to witness some excellent curling with players pulling off every shot in the book. Due to a late start and the ice men needing to lock up, the final was reduced to 3 ends. Clarke won the toss and elected to choose last stone rather than the sheet to play on. Alastair chose the ice he had previously played on and this made all the difference as he made a steal in the last end to win the title.

Congratulations to all involved and especially to Stewart and Alastair.

President Fergus (report & picture)


Team Alastair Kerr(S)/Pollok/Brown/Tough (Skip needed a sub so turned to your reporter.)

Short version is Giffnock won but as Craig Thomson has submitted this, there must be more!

And there is...

1st end  1-0 Giffnock ahead

2nd end 1-3 Pollok ahead

3rd end 2-3 still Pollok

4th end 3-3 aha, Giffnock fighting back!

5th end 4-3 aha aha Giffnock in the ascendancy!

6th end 4-7 err, what happened? Skip Thomson tried a heavy take out which curled more than he (sorry, the team) thought and presented Pollok with a 4…not very clever!

7th end 7-7 yet another fightback… terrific end by the team managed to lay three shots in the head awaiting Skip Thomson last shot to draw and win….came up short sigh.. Peeled game!

Skips draws (despite Skip Thomson trying to persuade his 3 to draw) [Shame on you Thomson - Ed]

Pollok go first….don’t make the rings!  Surely this is it….Nope Skip Thomson also short [Shame on you etc.- Ed]

Another try, third time lucky a nice draw by you know who, into the two feet ring [That's more like the Giffnock way - Ed]

Team Pollok reply and under sweep their skips stone leaving it 6 inches short of a winning result.

Somehow we win!!! And now on to play a semi against Glasgow ladies!

Skip Thomson

The Invitation Bonspiel took place at Greenacres Curling Rink on Tuesday 9th February. Six outside teams competed with six Giffnock teams with each team having 3 matches of 2 ends each. It was especially encouraging to have along a team from the Braehead Virtual Club.

1-1-IMG_4237The six Giffnock teams triumphed in the overall competition with an impressive +17 score, helped in no small part by the +11 of the team skipped by Craig Thomson who won every end they played!

The winners of the Wilson James Stone for best outside club were Pollok.

The winners of the Invitation Quaich for best Giffnock club were the team of Craig Thomson, Steve Hamilton, Steve Malloy and Ross Pollitt.

1-IMG_4240President Fergus presented the trophies to the winning teams and congratulated them on their success.

Craig was magnanimous in victory and praised the efforts of his team mates while also thanking President Fergus for his kind words, Alastair Kerr for organising such a fine event and the staff at Greenacres for putting on an excellent meal.