Annual Points Competition 2018

The Annual Points and Christmas Dinner at Greenacres proved as popular as ever. President Ian Potter must be applauded for his generosity on the evening... providing gifts to those many 'behind the scenes' people who ensure these events run smoothly.

Secretary Alan, despite receiving a full bottle of Grouse from our President, was inexplicably not quite over the moon about his gift. Honestly, some people are just never happy!

Wine on the tables and a wee dram at half time, once again provided by our generous President Ian, ensured everyone had an excellent time. The meal, as ever, was excellent and congratulations must go to the team at Greenacres for treating us so well.

Meantime, Fergus Corbett was a clear winner of the 'Points' competition. So, congratulations to him and, surprisingly, this is his first ever win at the 'Points'. Who would have guessed?