Morton James Cup

Morton James Cup

Like a hole in one... but worse?

President George Alston of Lynn & Clarkston is delighted to retain the Morton James Cup.

Let me start by saying it was Lynn & Clarkston's home ice (East Kilbride) and we struggled to get used to it while they were straight into their rhythm. When their lead put 2 on the pot lid at the first end and we couldn’t find the house, the omens were there. It looked like being a difficult night.

Both Giffnock teams went behind - Marshall by 4 to 0 after 3 ends and Malloy by 6 to 0 after only 2 ends. But worse was to follow.

Malloy pulled one back in the 3rd to arrest the slide and with a packed house in the 3rd was relying on a single buried Giffnock stone to keep the score down. Sadly, not buried enough and against the ‘play safe’ advice of his own 3, L&K’s Graham Leiper played a brilliant last stone.

It sailed serenely through a narrow gap to catch the edge of the Giffnock stone and chip it out... and lie. An 8 ender for L&K and disaster for Giffnock! Coming back from 14-1 is a bit tricky.

I’d always looked forward to an 8 ender but not to being on the receiving end of one!

Meanwhile, Marshall’s side were lying 5-1 down going into their final end but, remarkably, took a 5 in the last game to win that one and let us retain a modicum of pride.

I’ll let the rest of our team announce their involvement in this historic match (or maybe not).

There were the odd mutterings that maybe we shouldn’t submit a report at all from some quarters! I mean, who would find out if we just kept quiet. Who indeed?

So, a loss of the cup for the 3rd year in a row I believe.

Apologies all... but there was a silver lining... Mr Leiper and his team very kindly paid for the drinks afterwards. So, it wasn’t ALL bad, just most of it.

Least said about this the better eh? (Good luck with that! - Ed.)